Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany!

Exchange studies in Germany

I am a third-year business administration student from TAMK, Finland. I went to Germany, Stuttgart for a one-semester exchange. I wanted to learn and try something new, so I was studying at a media university and my minor was media creation& management.

My studies include for example topics about international media management, marketing, filming, and entrepreneurship. Especially using cameras was new to me. I learned how to use a video camera and how to make short films. As a business administration student, I found my new learnings very useful for the future and, I found new interests.

I went for an exchange in the summer semester. It has been weird studying in summer and having exams while my friends enjoy their summer vacation or have summer jobs. School started in my exchange university “Hochschule Der Medien” in May.

Studying has been mostly the same, we have used also Moodle and done a lot of work there. But one thing I realized, the courses in the exchange school needed more work than I am used to at my home university in Tampere Finland. One study credit was worth 30 hours of work and in Finland, it is 27. Also, grades are different If I understood right 1 is the highest grade and 5 is the lowest.  In Finland, it is the opposite way.


I really have been enjoying Germany. Nature is beautiful and the mountains look amazing. Food is great, many options and so many things to do when feeling like doing something or going somewhere to explore.

In my free time, I have travelled a lot in Germany and the countries nearby. Travelling is so easy and everything else than home feels to be so close. Exploring new places and learning about different cultures has been the best and most interesting thing to do.

Meeting new people and doing things together has been a lot of fun. My favourite things to do in my time have been shopping and eating out. Also been fun to go to concerts and parties.


My experience of the whole exchange has been unforgettable. I am very glad I chose to go even though I was first a bit scared to do it.  I will get memories of these great experiences for a lifetime. I have met some great people, learned a lot about new cultures and got friends from all over the world!



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