Porto never sleeps

Postcard from Porto

Bom fim de semana!


Hey! My name is Verneri and I have been doing the exchange in Porto. I´m studying entrepreneur and team leading studies in Finland but in Porto my studies was around internationall business. The school was Isag European Business school and  there was own class for exchange students. It was really nice.

There was five different courses for me and my friend in Isag. Enogastronomy, entrepreneurship, marketing, international management and organizational behaviour. We also studied little bit a language of Portugal but it was little bit difficult for us.

When we had free time after school we used to hang out with erasmus friends in city centre and doing our intresses. Everybody liked football a lot so we used to watch football many of times in local sport bar and in our student residence. It was a good way to get everyone close each other because we got football together.

After all the school was little bit different than I tought because in Finland we are teaching each other a lot and we have a lot of  group work but in Porto there was lot of lessons that you have to sit down and listen 45minutes for professor and try to write up important things that you think is important. In my opinion there should have been a lot of more group works and fun studying together even the orientation weeks were behind.


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