The German experience

The views around walchensee

Hallo aus Deutschland!

This week my cousin and my brother were visiting me and we are planning to go to the alps located on the Austrian side of the border! I have my car here with me so travelling around Germany and countries near by is very easy, even though covid is making some things hard! Especially here around southern parts of Germany there are a lot of pretty sights to see, a lot of mountains to ski and pretty clear blue lakes to admire! As a fan of skiing it is really cool to live only a 3 hour drive away from the mighty Alps which are a dream come true for a person who likes to ski! Luckily I had a week of and just happened to be the week that my relatives came to visit so I had a lot of time off to drive them around southern Germany, and we got to spend lovely five days skiing the slopes in Bad hofgastein! Here I am sharing some astounishing pictures from the trip, the amount of snow here is unbelievable to someone who has only experienced lapland and Åre in Sweden, this truly is a next step and a dream come true.

The school here has started fine, even though I just heard that we are starting remote school again which I am not a fan of, but the teachers seem more relaxed overall than I thought based on my prejudices, though still more formal than in Finland, but not quite as formal as I feared or expected, we are given a lot of freedom, but we are also expected to work on our own, which is n my opinion a good balance for things! As long as the work gets done!


The German way of studying is more about learning the theory instead of learning how to apply the theory which I am not really a fan of, in my opinion it is more important to learn how to adapt and use the theory learnead, whereas I feel like Germans value the knowledge more than the ability to adapt, so for me personally it is causing some problems to motivate myself to outright learning some things which I feel are more important to understand as a broader concept which could be adapted. Also the use of electronics a part of learning has a lot lesser value here than in Finland, I feel like the professors here could take better advantage of the tools everyone has access to nowerdays.


Here are some photos of the skiing trip, Auf wiedersehen!



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