Greetings from Spain!

Postcard from Fuengirola, Spain!


I am here to do the second internship of my studies. So I’m studying to become a bachelor of social services and here I do my internship at a kindergarten with children aged 3–6 years. There is only one group in the daycare centre and we speak Finnish with the children. Everyday life is very different from daycare in Finland. The days start much later and end earlier than in Finland. The basic activities are very similar to those in Finland. The days consist of play, outdoor activities, as well as lunch and snacks. Perhaps the biggest difference from a Finnish daycare centre is the planned and guided activities that are not here. Depending on the age level of the children, we guide them to different tasks during the days.

In my free time here, I have explored the surroundings by walking a lot in different places and we have toured a lot of other nearby cities. My friends and I have toured museums, visited the sights and got to know both food and drink culture.



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