Greetings from Fuengirola!

Living in Fuengirola

I am studying social work and I´m doing my practical training in Fuengirola, Spain. I have been here for over a month now. I´m doing my training in a small Finnish school. This school is quite different from schools in Finland. There are much less students and the groups are also small. For example there are 9 students in the class that I am working with. Some of the students come to the school for a short time and some of them spend the whole year in the school. The school days are also different. We spend the breaks in the beach which is in front of the school. The kids like to play games and enjoy the sun.

I have two roommates in here and in the spare time we have visited cities and places that are near Fuengirola. For example Malaga, Mijas and Sevilla. We have also walked a lot in the streets and beaches of Fuengirola and gone to local restaurants.


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