Greetings from Hague :-)

Hellou from Netherlands! I am already back to Finland but I want to share my exchange to the Hague. I spent my autumn semester in Hague and studied mechanical engineering at THUAS aka The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I was so busy and enjoying my time there so I didn't have time to write this blog post. But here you go The Hague!

I started my studies at THUAS in August 2021 and came back to Finland at February 2022. My studies in the Hague were not actually on the main campus but on the technology campus which was located in Delft. I took the minor course called Living Labs and  I was at school usually from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., sometimes even shorter. Minor was a project course where you could choose from three different projects what you wanted to do. The course did not include any exams at all, but the grade was given when giving presentations about my own and the project’s development. Learned a lot during my exchange and it was really special to get to experience how it is to study in English.

I met a lot of new people during the exchange. Some of them were exchange students from other countries and others were local. We are still in contact with some and some of them also visited Finland haha! We spent a lot of free time touring the Netherlands and Belgium together. We went partying, bike tours, go karting and whatever else! The beach of The Hague also became familiar because when it arrived in Holland it was still a full summer! Delft in particular was a very sweet little study town full of little sweet cafes and bars!and breweries!
It also became a habit for us to go to the market every Saturday to buy food for a week, because you could get vegetables, meat, pastries or whatever at the market very cheaply. If you compare it to Finland, the price of food was much cheaper, but ordering food from restaurants is in the same range as in Finland. The public went well, though relatively expensive to go as they do not have a month card system. The bike must be! Even can be easily rented, so you can get around and explore the city.
There was a lot of water and wind at the turn of the year but I still recommend Netherlands to everyone! People are nice and they speak good English.
p.s. I broke my phone when I got to Finland and so my picture went with it :(.


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