Greetings from Utrecht


My studies here (Utrecht) have been going great even though I had to skip a course because I had a course already in TAMK with the same name so sometimes it can be a bit dull due to lack of school but still everything else has been going swimmingly throughout my exchange.

My free time here in the Netherlands however so far has been quite limited due to covid-19 restrictions but sometimes I manage to go out for a beer or food with my new classmate friends, I’ve also visited some other big cities in the country like Rotterdam and of course Amsterdam and I’ve fallen in love with these beautiful cities just wish I had my exchange during a better period because Covid is making the overall experience weaker. In conclusion, most of my free time here in Then Netherlands has been spent exploring the cities and the smaller town that I live in Nieuwegein.

My studies here when compared to Finland have been quite relaxed, meaning that it just does not seem as serious. Even though everything is made to seem more serious when it comes to actual teaching and the study groups were simply just a tad bit more relaxed when compared to the ones in Finland.

Overall so far I’ve had a great time during my exchange here and I will hold a lot of memories close to my heart.


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