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The beauty of different seasons

In Finland one can experience all the four seasons in their own unique beauty. In this blog post I discuss about summer and winter.

Our miraculous Finland

By the age of 26, I have had a lot of time to travel and see the world. I have slept in a bungalow under a mosquito net in Asia, driven a pick-up truck in different states of America, done a roadtrip through Europe and sat with Africans in a circle eating fish from a common plate for dinner as they are used to do there. My trips have been some longer, others only a week long. Every time I have returned home from a trip back to Finland, I have seen Finland in a different way, with different eyes. What I mean?


Finland is located up in the north, but it´s a country with beautiful nature, trustworthy people and seasonal festivities. Finland is a country that rarely comes first to mind when thinking about Europe, but it´s absolutely worth visiting.