Finland is located up in the north, but it´s a country with beautiful nature, trustworthy people and seasonal festivities. Finland is a country that rarely comes first to mind when thinking about Europe, but it´s absolutely worth visiting.


Finland is probably best known from it´s nature and endless summer nights. There are many national parks you can visit and go hiking. People there are very helpful and joyful, but enjoy their own time at peace.

A beautiful summer night in Tampere

The best summer-time activities Finns like to do are of course swimming in a lake (and going to a sauna, no matter how hot it is), going on a summer festival and enjoying the warm nights outdoors with friends.

Some could say that Finnish people are quiet, but usually that is just the first impression. When you get to know a Finn and they feel comfortable around you, the louder and goofier side reveals out of them. Also, from my experience, the Finnish people are very trustworthy. We believe the best about another person and sometimes we may appear as naive. At heart Finns are kind and caring people.

Most common seasonal festivities are vappu (the first of May) and juhannus – midsummer (third weekend of June). Vappu is a big festivity among university students. All of us gather outside to celebrate it. Juhannus – midsummer is usually spent with friends and family at a summer cottage, which many Finns have or they rent one. There´s also multiple summer festivals during midsummer.


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