What Finnishness means to me

First things that comes to my mind thinking about Finnishness are sauna and nature. I feel like Finnish people are very proud about sauna and it’s very “Finnish thing”. Sauna is really important part of Finnish culture. Many Finnish people have their own sauna. Either at their home or at the summer cottage. And if they don’t have, usually Finns still do like hard steam.

Also Finnish people are close with the nature and usually nature and sauna come together, for example at summer cottage. For me and many other Finnish people thinks that nature and sauna are places where can be in the silence and relax. In Finland the nature is clean and the air is fresh.

More about nature; many people around the world come here in winter. I think that Finland is super beautiful especially in winter time. And also Santa’s home is in Finland! That is also something that is important part of Finnish culture and Finnish people are proud of that. It is wonderful in Lapland during the winter to hike. You might see the northern lights at dusk. It is really ‘winter wonderland’.

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