Finnish people often have some quirks and customs rooted in their culture. These things include, for example, their individuality, modesty, as well as their lifestyle concerning their coffee habits.

Individualism and modesty

Finnish people are very individualistic, which can be seen as people being responsible for their own actions and often not wanting to be considered as a bigger group. It can be difficult for a Finn to ask for help and accept it, even though there might be a clear need for it. Needing help from another person can be considered shameful. Individualism is also seen in the vast amount of young people moving away from home to live by themselves, which is respected.

People don’t particularly enjoy talking about themselves and their possible achievements, since it can often be considered rude or self-centered. In Finnish culture, there are other valued factors that can affect people’s unwillingness to discuss themselves, such as privacy and the need for one’s own personal space.


Coffee culture

Finnish people drink coffee daily, averaging about 3-5 cups a day. There’s a commercial on TV which explains the bizarre culture of it which can sound humoristic, even for a Finn. Having a cup of coffee is considered sacred and it can also be a social event. When visiting someone’s home, it’s expected from the homeowner to offer to make some coffee. In a situation like this, Finnish modesty can also be seen; it’s polite to decline first and make sure it’s no trouble for the other person. Another odd custom is to not get up to the kitchen table after the first call from the homeowner.

Many people are also loyal to only certain coffee brands. It’s always available at different gatherings and parties, and usually, the only people who are not drinking it are children.


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