Where does a Finn find inner peace?

Personal space

Finns have loved personal space probably since the beginning of times. It is a significant aspect of our culture, to the point where social distancing is probably a part of our DNA. A real-life example would be the bus stop. One Finn only. Two if it’s raining cats and dogs. Other defeated individuals stand approximately 2 meters away from the stop itself. Personal space shouldn’t be mixed with indifference though. We just like to have and give space to others.


Finnish Sauna

If personal space is so well integrated into our culture, then what drives us antisocial Northern Europeans into a small isolated hot room together? It’s not all about the warmth though. It’s the smell of the pine boards in the heat. Fresh birch leaves hitting your skin. The total isolation and calmness. Water sizzling and steaming on the hot stones. Sauna is a place where a Finn can find their  inner peace.

And well,

it does get heated past 100 Celsius (that´s 212 Fahrenheit!)

which feels quite nice.


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