Finland, the land of lakes


In Finland, we have quite a lot of people. But even more than that, we have plenty of nature. Nature, which looks different four times during a year. In summer, there are trees and lakes. Places, where you can only see blue or green colors. And in winter, there is snow and ice. Places, where you can only see white colors. Finland is not only nature, it is a multiform and variable place for us. Even if the place is the same, the scenery looks different. You can just go outside and see all of that beauty of nature everywhere at any time. And of course, you don’t need to just watch, there are plenty of things to do and experience.

Our  Finnish personality


In Finnishness, there are many personality traits. Finns are honest and humble, but also determined and peaceful. The conversations are easy-going, but straight. And that is the reason why I appreciate Finn’s personality. People say what they want to say, but they are friendly. In general, they don’t want to hurt or say things badly. But they are still honest and mean what they say. The conversations are respectful. The Finns can be quiet and just listen to what the others are saying.

And the last but not the least, Finnish sauna

One of the most important things in Finland is the sauna. Sauna is a place where you can relax and take your own time. It is a very traditional and meaningful thing to do in Finland. After a long day, people go to sauna and spend time together. It can be summer or winter, anytime. For Finns there is always time to go and take a good heat of sauna. A sauna near by lake on a calm summer evening could be a typical image of Finnishness. An honest and genuine atmosphere. This is my experience of Finnishness and our beautiful home country.


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