My Finnishness

Finnish personality seems like a reflection of Finnish nature.

If I have to tell my favorite things about Finland, the nature for sure is the first one that comes to mind.
Mostly it’s covered with forests and fields that call for wandering, and there are plenty of rivers, lakes and ponds for spending good time swimming, fishing and ice-skating. During the fall and winter times, you can definitely see the aurora if you keep an eye on it.

I think the calmness and peacefulness of the nature has affected the personalities of Finnish people. Dark winter months and coldness have made us a little bit suspicious and reserved, slow to warm up to new things and people.
We are seen resilient and hardworking, like the nature around us has to be for frequent seasonal changes. We are modest and grateful for the little things, just like the nature makes most of it’s short summertime. Finnish people often rather listen than talk, yet our feedback is honest and direct.

Most people still feel connected to nature and mention forests and lakes as the places they go to ground themselves, and that’s very easy because it’s everywhere. Finnish people appreciate their alone time and have relatively simple and calm lifestyle. It seems like the modern busy, fast-paced way of living haven’t quite reached here yet on all areas of life. If I must confess, I hope it never will.

In my opinion, spending a night at a little cottage called mökki and going to sauna,
at any season, are relaxing and rejuvenating experiences every foreigner should have to be able to truly grasp the awesomeness of Finnishness.


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