A picture of a sunset by a lake
Taken by Sohvi Salminen

Finnish nature

As a Finnish person, who has been brought up internationally, there are many things in the Finland and the Finnish culture I absolutely adore.  

A picture from a summer festival, with sunshine and a green tree.
Summer evening at a festival. Photo taken by Sohvi Salminen

I love nature, and especially the Finnish nature. There is something very magical about it, even though the weather is not always the best. The Finns love being in the nature, thus we have a lot of national parks and nature reserves, where there is a possibility to go and spend time. It is amazing how despite so many people spend time in the nature, most of them also know how to respect the nature. Hiking, skiing, and fishing are some things Finns enjoy doing. 

A picture of the Kevo Canyon during summer in Lapland
The Kevo Canyon trail in Lapland. Photo taken by Sohvi Salminen
A picture of a river and an old building during winter, with a lot of snow
The Little Bear’s Trail in Kuusamo. Photo taken by Sohvi Salminen

The physical change in the nature throughout the year is very drastic in Finland. From dark and snowy winters to bright and green summers. Especially the long and dark winter season, and the extremely hot summer days may be difficult to many people, but I personally see the beauty of our country in these complete opposites. These changes in seasons bring a lot of beauty with them, for example, the midnight sun in the summers and the northern lights in the winter. There are so many fascinating natural phenomena throughout the whole year, which I and many other Finns enjoy experiencing. 

I recommend spending time in the nature for everyone, it is very good for you and you will get so see and experience a lot!

A picture of the night sky, with green northern lights and stars
Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and stars. Photo taken by Sohvi Salminen



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