In this blog post I will share some thoughts of Finnishness. When I think about Finland what comes to my mind are the beautiful nature with all four seasons, the sauna and the people with their attitude and the sense of humour. Those are things that I like most in Finland.

I think that as a Finnish person I carry with myself a sense of attitude that is straight to the topic driven and also it’s normal to take a responsible of tasks in a given matter of time. I guess as a Finnish person I’m a precise person who expects the same from the people around me as well. I really like this consept because I can rely on given schedules most of the time and it gives me space aswell to accomplish my own interests as a side. In Finland it doesn’t really matter at which time of the day you want to get things done. There are stores and gyms open through the night and we also have a lively nightlife. It’s also safe to go outside alone for a walk around the clock. This kind of Finnish way of life supports my own personal lifestyle aswell.

The other thing, in addition to precise schedules and people’s nature that I like, must be the strong common spirit that Finnish people have. This makes it possible us to have a certain sense of humour that brings us together. Just one example of this could be a Finnish public sauna culture. In a best scenario everyone knows exactly the rules how to behave there and make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Even though Finns would get annoyed sometimes things not working out as they’d like I’ve always felt that people in Finland have a ability to turn anything into a joke which help them to cope with different situations. We can make jokes even though we would be annoyed of something but of course we would like to act from a place of a good mood and a happy mind and we prioritize it of course.

Lastly I have to mention the nature we have aswell. The variety of it, it’s incredible, that we should cherish it. Pure nature calms people’s minds and gives everyone a chance to take a break any time of the day. It helps us to be as individuals more grounded and down to earth.


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