Greetings from Cádiz!

I spent my last summer semester in Cádiz doing my internship as a student of Media and Arts, Music Production.

I was doing Studio Assistant tasks in an analogue recording studio. We had national and international clients and the working environment was sometimes mixed, I work in a mix of Spanish and English, but the office language is always Spanish. I got a lot of responsibility as an intern and I saw responsibility as a great opportunity to learn and develop my skills acquired at university in a practical way in a professional environment. All of the staff here are lovely and it’s the perfect work environment for me, relaxed but productive.

In my spare time, the area has a wide range of leisure and cultural activities from concerts, events, fairs, museums and cultural heritage to gastronomy, beach and local tourism. I traveled in the nearby areas because the train or bus services were quite easy to use and you could travel well by public transport. The locals are very friendly and there is a mix of international tourism that makes it a very open and diverse city.

My internship was different from Finland’s ways of working in different aspects. Here I got a higher degree of responsibility at work and it made my learning curve faster and this required me, as a trainee, a good ability to manage the whole and to adapt to new situations.

The internship in Spain was an amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.


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