Greetings from Breda, the Netherlands!

Blog post of my exchange studies in Breda.

I’m a bioroduct and process engineer from TAMK and a minor I study in the Netherlands is called Biorefinery Technology. It is somewhat similar to the studies in Finland, but I have learned lots of new thing during my stay. Studies here are more chemistry and project based. I have two big projects which last the whole spring semester. I found a Product Design course the most interesting for me so far. This course included individual products to be designed and I loved it. It let me to fully innovate new foundings.

On spare time I focus on sports, reading and exploring the Netherlands. I have visited multiple cities during my stay. I like to also spend time and travel with my fellow exchange student friends.

School system differs quite a lot to the one in Finland. Here, teachers are very strict about the complition of the courses. In project works for example, we must do an assessment which is kind of like a oral exam. Lunch is also not existing if you are used to finnish way of meals during your school day.


Veikka Rajala


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