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Research visit to Bari, Italy

Visiting prof. Filippo Lanubile's group Collab at University of Bari (Italy) has been planned and post-poned again and again for the past two years. Finally, a window of opportunity opened in December 2021. One week in Bari lead to several possible collaboration forms in the future and gave a nice introduction to the local cuisine as well. Some things just can't be advanced over Zoom.

Scents are coming to virtual reality

Odours, like the scent of flowers, can soon also be sensed in virtual reality. A multidisciplinary research project that is beginning at Tampere University is developing a virtual reality world that enables the production and integration of real scent experiences as part of multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) interaction.

Tampere University starts research collaboration with companies creating user interfaces of future cars

Tampere University is leading a ground-breaking project that explores the user interfaces (UI) of future cars. Today’s cars have already become computers with wheels and this trend will continue at full pace. Car manufacturers are developing new information technologies and ways to present the driver with different types of information as needed.