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Research visit to Bari, Italy

Visiting prof. Filippo Lanubile's group Collab at University of Bari (Italy) has been planned and post-poned again and again for the past two years. Finally, a window of opportunity opened in December 2021. One week in Bari lead to several possible collaboration forms in the future and gave a nice introduction to the local cuisine as well. Some things just can't be advanced over Zoom.

Introducing Project INTEMO

This summer we are looking for motivation not just by relaxing by the lake, but by mining software repositories. With funding from Ulla Tuominen foundation we have launched project INTEMO - Intelligent Methods for Motivated Software Development.

Welcoming new members into our team!

While we are currently recruiting several new tenure track professors and staff scientists, we are excited to announce the results of the previous recruitment round to strengthen our teaching in different areas within the unit.

The Hispanic Invasion is underway in security

It's my pleasure to welcome four new (or recent) researchers to the Network and Information Security group (NISEC)! As their supervisor, as they introduce themselves in this post I'm left pondering what I can contribute to the working life of these young, talented scholars. Since we now total five native Spanish speakers in NISEC, I reckon I need to dust off my high school Spanish from the Texas border. "Donde esta la biblioteca?" "Como llegar a la frontera?" "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" It's a start, but I need to find the accent characters and recall how to make upside down question marks and exclamation points. Bienvenidos!