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Learning how to co-learn: Student-children interaction with robots

In May 2022 we piloted something novel in Robostudio. A voluntary group of Human-Technology Interaction students got a chance to try out co-learning and facilitation of younger pupils (4th and 6th grade) on different kinds of learning tasks related to social robots. The tasks took place on the learning stations with Pepper, Nao and Clicbot, and in addition we had a longer task about storytelling with Alphamini. The tasks varied a lot when it comes to their content and the interaction needed between the students and pupils. No one can state that the task was too easy, so we raise a hat for these brave students who took this challenge, and we warmly thank the participating pupils who came to Robostudio and gave this chance and challenge for us 😊 From the teacher’s perspective the workshops were smooth and everybody seemed to handle their tasks successfully, and also the pupils seemed to enjoy the workshop, interaction and the robotic tasks. Everybody was able to learn a lot, but not necessarily the same things. Please read the story to find out how it went from the students’ perspective and what they learned!

What on earth are you doing?

“What on earth are you doing?” was the reaction from a Computing Sciences professor when a bunch of school pupils and Human-Technology Interaction students were seen together with robots in a robotic co-learning session. Curious? Wondering how it turned out? Continue reading to know more.

Welcome to Robostudio!

We have opened a brand new Robostudio in TAU Hervanta campus. Robostudio is a multidisciplinary co-learning space to work with lovely social robots. It is dedicated for educational purposes and the activity is strongly connected to research as well. User Experience in Robotics course runs in this space, as well as social robotics-related thesis projects. We are also running other kinds of co-learning events and workshops where we invite for example school pupils to learn with us.