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COMP.530 Bare Metal Rust – Hands-on Rust for Embedded Programmers

COMP.530 Bare Metal Rust starts with a motivational talk and a basic info session on Monday 30.8. at 14:15. Enroll now :) The course will see students complete exercises aimed at teaching the basics of writing Rust for an embedded microcontroller. A graduate of the course will be able to navigate the embedded Rust ecosystem, write a Rust driver, and design their own IoT/ASIC/SoC applications using the best available Rust tools.

Welcoming new members into our team!

While we are currently recruiting several new tenure track professors and staff scientists, we are excited to announce the results of the previous recruitment round to strengthen our teaching in different areas within the unit.

Seeking for a cool summer job or part-time job? Check out Tampere University Computing Sciences positions and apply now!

Tampere University Computing Sciences unit offers summer intern positions. Interns work on interesting research topics in the Tampere University CS research groups, as well as new methods on teaching development projects. We are looking for BSc or MSc degree students at Tampere University for the summer 2021. We do not expect previous research experience but appreciate enthusiasm to work hard and learn more. You will be supervised by our researchers and staff who are committed to give you a great experience! The deadline for the applications is 10.3. but the sooner you act, the better!

Cross-Compiling Rust to Run on PYNQ-Z1

The PYNQ-Z1 is a versatile hardware platform used within many of our courses. Using xsct, the Xilinx Command Line Tool, one can run software on PYNQ without an operating system (OS) - a method known as bare metal. We repurposed these tools to create an executable from Rust code instead of the usual C. This will allow students to practice writing drivers and embedded software in a modern programming language.

C++-standardointi: dinosauruksen evoluutio

C++ on ohjelmointikielenä säilyttänyt asemansa 4 suosituimman ohjelmointikielen joukossa. Olen päässyt parin viime vuoden aikana seuraamaan läheltä, millaista on suuren ohjelmointikielen standardointiprosessi, mihin suuntaan C++ on kehittymässä ja mikä kehitystä ohjaa.