Category: Wellness

Digital Storytelling in Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction course

Already for the second time, we had an assignment about Digital Storytelling in the course called Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction. Last year, this assignment was very successful, producing 64 digital stories made by the students. This year, we got 79 stories, and I was very amazed of the quality of them. The students of this course are indeed amazing storytellers, and they have done it in a very creative and personal ways. Enjoy the stories!

Human-Technology Interaction Get-together in nature 

The past Monday, 11.10.2021, a group of enthusiastic students and teachers from the international HTI study program gathered to share some time in nature in the beautiful area of Arboretum, Hatanpää in Tampere. An exciting experience where many students met physically for the first time after more than a year of virtual lectures. Now that little by little, restrictions are becoming more flexible, and what we know as "normal" life is coming back. We had fun introducing ourselves using gestures that represent us. We practiced mindful photography in groups and learned about the area's history while enjoying the autumn colors. Thanks for everybody for making this as an event to be remembered!

BRAINWOLK walking meeting for supervision

Feel isolated and lack of energy? There are always alternative ways of doing things, for example walking supervision considering the safety measures. Here you can find some hints for doing it, as well as some students' experiences about it.