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Annual Symposium for Computer Science 2022 - the wrap-up

The Annual Symposium for Computer Science, or as friends call it, “CS Days” (TKT-päivät), is an annual meeting place for teachers, researchers, students and other interested parties active in the field of Computer Science, in the term’s broadest sense. It is supported by the Finnish Society for Computer Science, which oversees who organizes the yearly event. The theme for the 2022 Symposium was “AI meets SE”, covering the intersection between the two fields: how can AI be used to help software engineering activities, how should software engineers take into account utilization of AI in their products, and what kind of software is there to implement AI. The 2022 Symposium was organized by the Tampere Software Engineering research group together with Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.

AI Hub Audio and speech technology workshop in Paidia, Nokia Arena

AI Hub Tampere organized a complimentary full-day event at Paidia workspace in Nokia Arena, which happened to also be the site of the ice hockey world championship 2022. It was a joint workshop by AI Hub Tampere and MARVEL projects to discuss the applications of audio and speech technology, AI theory, data security questions, and trying out some hands-on programming tutorials.

Kohti omaa kotirobottia – kahdeksasluokkalaiset LUMATE-valinnaisessa

Pikkolan koulun 8. luokkalaisten LUMATE-valinnaisaineen tunneilla vieraili syyskuussa sosiaalinen Alphamini-robotti Tampereen yliopiston lehtorin Aino Ahtisen avustamana. Alphamini esitteli sekä jumppataitojaan että kykyään kääntää sanoja kieleltä toiselle. Ihan aina Alphamini ei kuitenkaan ymmärtänyt, mitä hänelle sanoimme. Tästä huolimatta robotin puhetaidot tekivät suuren vaikutuksen.

We are all creative - A collaborative workshop about psychology and creativity between Teknillinen lukio and Tampere University

We (Human-Technology Interaction dudes) arranged a collaborative online workshop with Tampereen Teknillinen lukio. The goal of the workshop was to share our thoughts and stories about psychology, why is it needed, how can we utilize that knowledge, concentrating especially on the topic of “creativity”. University students shared their stories from their perspectives, and high school students presented their psychology project course outcome.

Kids-Robots Interaction and how kids approach robots

On Thursday the 5th of March, about 30 elementary school pupils from Nokia Kankaantaka school visited Tampere University Hervanta campus to get familiar with social robots. The robots were Pepper the humanoid robot, Elias the NAO robot, the telepresence robot, and Cozmo, which we facilitated. The pupils from 4th to 6th grades and two teachers were very excited to get to know the robots after a 45-minute bus ride to Tampere. It seemed that most of them didn’t have previous experience in interacting with robots. After the introductions, the pupils were divided into groups and it was time to start the phase that everyone was probably looking for. Groups rotated from robot to robot, and each group had around 10 minutes to meet each of them. Although the time was limited, it was enough to demonstrate a few features, let the pupils participate and keep them engaged and interested.

User Potential Unlimited - The joint lecture series of the ITC Faculty

User Potential Unlimited - and interdisciplinary lecture series on user research and accessibility was organized by the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences during the autumn 2019. The lecture series was very successful and raised also interest among the students on different fields, as it was possible to earn 2-5 credits by participating the lectures and writing an assignment about the topics. We want to express our wamest thanks to the organizers, speakers and participants. Here, one of the students' assignments is being published - have a look and enjoy some thoughts about the robotic future!