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Have a great summer, everyone :)

Computing Science blog editors wish a warm and relaxing summer for all the readers :) Pick the daisies as they grow, Watch the gentle cold stream flow. Know the sounds of water splash, Catch the glimmer in a flash. (

Cattle instead of pets – end of carefully crafted software?

We use an externally developed software running as a service in containers. After a few days the service started to be non-responsive and had to be re-started. We learned that the host ran out of memory. In our project meeting nobody proposed the that memory leak in the software should be fixed. This was awakening: we did not care about an obvious software bug. vs. HCI - is winning

In the 70’s and 80’s a consensus emerged among the practitioners and researchers in organizations that were utilizing the new and exciting computer technology in their operations. Computer scientists, engineers and cognitive psychologists jointly came to the conclusion that there was a problem in the way that computers and software user interfaces were designed. People resisted re-training to follow the software designer’s ideas of how they should do their work. In some cases computer systems intended to make the organization work more efficiently were found to do the opposite. In other cases users found creative ways to misuse the systems when they did not understand how to accomplish their daily tasks with the new technology.