Category: AI Hub

AI Hub Audio and speech technology workshop in Paidia, Nokia Arena

AI Hub Tampere organized a complimentary full-day event at Paidia workspace in Nokia Arena, which happened to also be the site of the ice hockey world championship 2022. It was a joint workshop by AI Hub Tampere and MARVEL projects to discuss the applications of audio and speech technology, AI theory, data security questions, and trying out some hands-on programming tutorials.

Health Data Walk: A joint workshop of AI Hub and Health Hub Tampere

It was the week of Vappu, 2022. AI Hub and Health Hub Tampere organized a joint workshop: Health Data Walk, to discuss the secondary use of health data together with the local companies. The workshop consisted of both indoor and outdoor sessions. To provide flexible methods of participation, the indoor session adopted the hybrid model by holding live attendance on the Health Hub premises and online Zoom meetings simultaneously.

AI Hub pilot with Trialwell: Usability evaluation of the Trialwell web platform to recruit participants for clinical and non-clinical trials

Trialwell supports researches by recruiting appropriate participants. AI Hub conducted a pilot study with Trialwell to evaluate their webservice with potential participants. The mission of AI Hub is to provide Aritifical Intelligence (AI) related guidance for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) free of charge. Since Trialwell will use AI to match participants’ profile with appropriate research trial, AI Hub agreed to conduct a pilot project to evaluate the usability and usefulness of the system.

AI Hub workshop: Human-Robot Interaction

We arranged an interactive co-design workshop about Human-Robot Interaction on 12.2. It was targeted for company people working or interested in the areas of HRI and AI. Nice number of participants showed up online and we were ready to start with creative and active workshopping.

Cross-Compiling Rust to Run on PYNQ-Z1

The PYNQ-Z1 is a versatile hardware platform used within many of our courses. Using xsct, the Xilinx Command Line Tool, one can run software on PYNQ without an operating system (OS) - a method known as bare metal. We repurposed these tools to create an executable from Rust code instead of the usual C. This will allow students to practice writing drivers and embedded software in a modern programming language.

Robottibussien ekosysteemi kukoistaa Suomessa

Ketkä Suomessa ylläpitävät robottibussien verkostoa? 'Robottibussin kyydissä' -juttusarjan toista osaa varten AI Hub Tampere tutki suomalaista autonomisten liikennevälineiden toimintakenttää ja haastatteli mm. holon Jannie Andersenia, liikennesuunnittelija Tuomas Palosta, Metropolian Juha Sääskiä ja Eetu Rutasta sekä Roboride Oy:n Mikko Hurskaista. Keskusteluun osallistuivat myös Sensible4:n Harri Santamala sekä Rolan Oy:n Aki Laiho.

Manufacturing Performance Days: Harnessing the Ecosystem Economy

It was a bright, sunny Wednesday morning when I and Pepper started our journey for Manufacturing Performance Days. MPDays is a B2B summit for manufacturing industries, researchers and service providers. The event helps to bring experts and academia together to discuss about industrial best practices and novel business plans.