Health Data Walk: A joint workshop of AI Hub and Health Hub Tampere

It was the week of Vappu, 2022. AI Hub and Health Hub Tampere organized a joint workshop: Health Data Walk, to discuss the secondary use of health data together with the local companies. The workshop consisted of both indoor and outdoor sessions. To provide flexible methods of participation, the indoor session adopted the hybrid model by holding live attendance on the Health Hub premises and online Zoom meetings simultaneously.

Starting with the introduction session, the industry professor Mika Grundström presented the goal of the AI Hub Tampere project as guiding the local SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) in the application of artificial intelligence in business development. Followed by Niko Lönn from the Health Hub and Veli-Matti Lahti from the Business Tampere introducing the Health Ecosystem in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region in a concise manner. The introductions from the AI Hub and Health Hub provided a clear idea about the focused topic and possible opportunities for cooperation. 

Moving on to the theory session, Kari Salomaa from TAYS presented the legal requirements concerning the secondary use of health data. The content covers the patient’s data in social and private healthcare, ethical considerations, and obtaining the permit for the hospital research. The presentation was delivered in Finnish but answered the follow-up questions by the participants in English, which showed the flexibility and multilingual aspects of the workshop.  

TAYS presentation about the concern of the secondary use of health data, given by Kari Salomaa.

Continued by the two presentations about AI solutions and use cases from the local companies. NeuroEventLabs introduced a medical device named Nelli that includes video monitoring ML software for epilepsy patients. Nelli can be used 24/7 in either hospital or home environment to detect and prevent up to 85% of unnoticed seizures during sleep. The main user interface is designed for doctors in managing recording data and assisting in diagnosis. Considering the broad context of use, Nelli also includes an algorithm to distinguish movements of house pets (e.g., cats and dogs). The second presentation was given by Combinostics in discussing the utilization of AI in Neurological imaging. The software, cNeuro focuses on providing an entire care pathway for dementia treatment. Starting from detecting and differentiating the symptom in the early stage, managing the situation, and finally suggesting the most suitable treatment. cNeuro has a cloud-based platform that provides the intuitive patient-oriented report. The theory session included meaningful presentations from the Tampere university hospital and local companies. All the participants were concentrated but relaxed. 

The presentation by Kaapo Annala from the company NeuroEventLabs.

Before moving on to the outdoor session of networking walk in the Kauppi area, University Lecturer Aino Ahtinen gave a brief presentation about the walking plan and lead a short warm-up exercise session. Additionally, some ideation sketches about the Boston Dynamics Spot robot were showcased for boosting the conversation. The networking walk arranged participants in pairs and stopped for changing pairs occasionally. Luckily, we even saw a family of deer while walking. The workshop was a great success, we all learned from it and found some exciting cooperation opportunities between the companies and AI Hub Tampere. 

Read more about this event in Ritva Savonsaari’s blog post. Ritva is a coordinator of AI Hub Tampere at Tampere University. 

The Walking meeting around the Kauppi outdoor area.

Written by Chia-Hsin Wu, researcher of AI Hub Tampere

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