Towards Trustworthy Data: How do data providers and consumers perceive Data Trust Index

This post describes our successful pilot with Platform of Trust, conducted recently in AI Hub Tampere project.

Trust is an abstract yet very crucial aspect when it comes to artificial intelligence and data consumption. AI Hub Tampere, along with Platform of Trust, conducted a pilot project to evaluate Data Trust Index, an indexing system to measure trustworthiness of data. Data Trust Index (DTI) summarizes the overall trustworthiness of one data product into number. It describes the aspects of trustworthiness of one data product visually.

We conducted user studies with five participants with the stakeholders and experts working with data. The interview was 45 minutes long and involved thorough discussions on Data Trust Index.

It was interesting to hear the participants’ point of view, their expectations and needs in this context. According to the participants, trust is something contextual and it varies from person to person. Especially, in context of data, it is difficult to point out one element that would impact the overall trustworthiness of data. “Maybe the attributes are not so that you can objectively think what is better and what is worse, but it depends on the person who is looking.” (participant 1). They were also concerned about international data providers, and how would the platform measure their trustworthiness. However, they understood the score related to Data-Trust Index and value its importance as data provider and data consumer, “The reliability of the data matters when you process the data and when you work with the data and to find the results to be accurate with the physical world” (participant 2).

Overall, we had a successful pilot and Platform of Trust appreciated our work concerning Data Trust Index. We got 3,75 star rating out of 5 stars in our customer feedback survey. In the future, we hope to extend our collaboration and explore trustworthiness aspect in depth.

Written by: Aparajita Chowdhury, Doctoral Researcher and Project Researcher, AI Hub Tampere