Doctoral Defence: Data-Driven Software Development with User-Interaction Data

The doctoral dissertation of Sampo Suonsyrjä was examined at the Hervanta Campus on a sunny Wednesday on June 26th. Professor Jan Bosch from Chalmers University of Technology acted as the opponent and professor Kari Systä was the patient custos listening the lively conversation.

Sampo’s work is on the area of modern software development and the changes brought by the startup scene. There the speed of software development cycles are increasing and with that the need for tighter user engagement. There is thus a clear need for new solutions for faster feedback mechanisms. Sampo’s work addressed the problem of how to produce an actionable set of tools and methods for using user-interaction data to aid responding to users’ needs in a faster pace in modern, fast-paced software development.

In Sampo’s dissertation, collecting feedback in a rapid pace is seen essential in order to enable data-driven software development. Many of the tools designed in the thesis have been integrated into the software systems of practitioners. Moreover, the results of the thesis highlights the opportunities and challenges of using user-interaction data making its use easier for software professionals.

Professor Bosch in careful examination of Sampo’s work. Photo: Dr. Timo Lehtonen

Professor Bosch was a lively and entertaining opponent asking well-thoughtout and tough questions on Sampo’s work. Sampo defended his work very well and rose to the challenges posed by the opponent. The atmosphere of the defence was laid back and the discussion easy to follow also for those not experts in the field.

Congratulations Sampo 🎩

text by Terhi Kilamo