Development Discussion Wolks

We used to do this in past - development discussions by walk. For some reason we forgot to walk on the last year's round, but now one of our team members reminded me about this. Yes, why not! Weather has been super great, and walking suits really well to development discussions. So let's go!

Last week, I used the whole Thursday for development discussions, and all of them were conducted by walk nearby Hervanta campus. You can see the approximate route on the map below. Walking this route in slow speed took a bit less than one hour, including some stops to write notes about the discussed topics.

Walking route suggestion nearby Hervanta campus

In practice, I agreed about the walking with everyone in advance, so everybody was prepared to this. I didn’t need to persuade anyone to do this, everybody seemed to be very positive towards the suggestion. We had printed out the filled discussion form and we took it along. Then, we just simply walked through the route, watched out the possible cars and cyclers (not many on this route), and discussed all the topics one by one. After every topic, we stopped and I wrote short notes on what was discussed and agreed. After the walk, we returned to university feeling refreshed and energized. I used 5 minutes to enter the discussed points into the system.

I got a confirmation again about the suitability of walking for many work tasks. It gives nice variety for the ordinary work day, and by making something by walk keeps us physically active during the day instead of excessive sitting for 8 hours. Even the government of Finland had the same idea last week!

So, I challenge each of you to try this out 🙂

Cheers, Aino Ahtinen, the Brainwolk walking meeting guide

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