We're hiring: Computing Sciences New Recruitments 2021

We are looking for workmates! Computing Sciences has opened 7 professor and 2 staff scientist/coordinator positions. In addition 4 teaching positions have just been filled and 15 summer jobs are in full swing.

We welcome new recruits to join Computing Sciences at Tampere. We have seven tenure track professor positions opened as well as two positions for supporting our infrastructures and nationally renowned profiling actions. Apply now!

Software Engineering 

Data is the new oil, software is the new machinery” – join us to enable this vision. We are a group of ambitious software engineering researchers and educators.  In addition to pure software engineering research we participate in cross-disciplinary research with other faculties and units. Examples of our research include visualization of software engineering (and its education) software aspects for green energy systems, cloud-native architectures, and edge computing.  We have a passion to include latest research results in software engineering into our research. 


Signal Processing and Machine Learning 

The Computing Science unit has been the site of several Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence in Signal Processing and has made pioneering contributions in all areas of signal processing. Its current core strengths are in imaging, audio processing, computer vision, and applied machine learning.  Our staff includes world-class scientists, ERC grantees, Academy professors, and editors of the top international journals. 

To support our growth and sustain our competitiveness and diversity, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic candidates to fill two new positions in the broader area of Signal Processing and Machine Learning, including Image Processing and Computational Imaging, Computer Vision, Audio and Speech Processing, and Multimedia. Applicants are encouraged to pursue an ambitious yet realistic research plan and contribute with high-quality teaching within this area. 

Complex systems 

Research in Complex Systems changes the way we think about society and science. Applications are everywhere in nature and society, from human brains to social networks. Instead of focusing on the parts of a system, Complex Systems research aims to gain understanding about the non-trivial interaction of the elements of a system. This rapidly growing field has successfully addressed important problems in epidemics, neuroscience, communication technologies, economics, and energy in a holistic way. The Unit of Computing Sciences already covers the different aspects of Complex Systems research, such as Statistical Data Analysis, Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Signal Processing, which can be wielded to address global grand challenges. 


Tampere University is one of the vanguards internationally in gamification research (e.g. Gamification Group – https://webpages.tuni.fi/gamification/). Gamification has become one of the major technology-driven advancements of the beginning of the twenty-first century. Whereas other contemporary technological advancements such as “big data”, artificial intelligence, robotics, or advancements in computational power seek to increase the abilities and effectiveness of machines, gamification can be seen to pursue societal and individual advancement by seeking to make humans more capable through gameful technology. The two new tenure-track positions at Computing Sciences are focused on Gameful Technologies and Gameful Experiences – together and with other colleague at Tampere as part of the Academy of Finland PROFI6 – “Games as a platform to tackle grand challenges”, they are making reality more gameful and rigorously experimenting how gamefulness affects us.  

CIVIT Staff Scientist  

 CIVIT, the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies at the unit of Computing Sciences in Tampere University, is looking for a Staff Scientist. CIVIT is a nation-wide research infrastructure facility that offers research premises, equipment, and expertise in the sectors of visual content creation and representation of visual data, advanced displays, and immersive user experience. CIVIT is an exciting place to work and do research, due to the unique futuristic atmosphere created by modern and emerging immersive imaging devices and facilities. 

The CIVIT Staff Scientist oversees research projects executed at CIVIT, coordinates the other CIVIT personnel, follows trends in emerging technologies and research in order to plan the development of CIVIT, maintains relationships with other relevant infrastructure facilities on national and European level.  

Imaging Platform Coordinator 

The Unit of Computing Sciences is looking for a Staff Scientist to coordinate the activities of TAU Imaging Research Platform. Imaging is a transdisciplinary discipline of high importance and strong industrial and societal relevance, which has been the focus of excellent fundamental and applied research and education at Tampere University. TAU Imaging Research Platform is one of the strategic profiling areas of the university, funded by the Academy of Finland (PROFI6 call). It complements the Tampere Imaging Ecosystems, one of the strongest industrial ecosystems in the field worldwide.  

 The Imaging Platform Coordinator (Staff Scientist) will coordinate the imaging research platform and will be responsible for strategically developing the profiling area and strengthening the collaboration with internal and external partners. In addition, their role is to harmonise access to the involved infrastructures, interface the imaging algorithm teams with the operators and support the rapid development and in-situ testing of novel imaging pipelines.