Robostudio on Tour in Säätiöpäivät 2023!

On the sunny Tuesday 9th of May, 2023, we carried all of our Robostudio robots, their stuff and a lot of decorative materials all the way from Tietotalo to Konetalo. The way was long and full of obstacles, but it was worth it. We managed to create a fancy station with a lot of activity and noise to attract the attention of the visitors. By the way, Spot was the only robot that was walking there and back, and which we didn’t need to carry.

The visitors stopped on our station after visiting Robolab. We first introduced ourselves and told about Robostudio and our work in education, research and societal impact. We introduced our robots and the visitors had a chance to interact with Spot and Pepper. They also heard some stories about our activities, for example:

 🙂 how we took the seniors to walk outdoors with Spot

🙂 how Temi robot acted as a wellness police in the company’s office premises

🙂 what kind of agility competition we had with Spot last autumn, and

🙂 what our cute gang of small educational robots do for the data that they collect.

We also introduced our robotic co-learning concept, for which we every now and then invite university students to learn about robots with some different learner groups, for example children. We would have had many more stories to be shared, and as always, time flied.



It was a fantastic day and we were able to test our “Robostudio on Tour” concept and station. Hopefully there will be more days like this, because we like drama. Thanks Tampere University for inviting us there!

Written by Aino, Aparajita, Nasim and Chia from Robostudio (on the image above)

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