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Welcome to TAMK International Blog!

This blog is about stories related to internationality at TAMK. Here you can read about people, projects and events.

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Everyone from TAMK can submit a blog post; degree and exchange students, lecturers and non-teaching staff are all welcome to share their story with the world.

Instructions for the author:

  • The topics are free-form, as long as there is an international aspect involved. Topics may include development and student projects, and various events at TAMK.
  • The blog post brings out the personality, thoughts and perspectives of the writer.
  • The blog post may challenge readers with discussion, questions and statements.
  • Please consider copyright (image and title permissions) in your blog post.
  • We hope that your blog post will be no more than 3,500 characters long (including spaces).

Blog post submissions are proofread by the editorial staff. The blog posts are reviewed in the order they are received.

Please submit your blog post and contact us in good time. If you have a specific wish for the publication of your article, please let us know.

We also welcome new ideas and topics on the blog, don’t hesitate to contact us and share your ideas with us!



Publication points

It is possible to get publication points case-specifically of a blog post published in TAMK International Blog. Therefore, the publication needs to be entered into JUSTUS – Publication Information Reporting Service.

The publication points follow the criteria of the Ministry of Education and Culture. If you wish your blog post to receive publication points, please keep the following points in mind when writing.

  • At least one author of the text has an employment relationship with TAMK and the affiliation is stated in the publication.
  • The publication is based on the author’s field of expertise or work at TAMK.
  • The text contains new expository, professional or scientific information which is intended for the general public and has not been published before.
  • Blog posts based on travel diaries need to include an in-depth view of what is different in the visited institution/city/country. In addition, an analysis of what TAMK can learn/teach in this partnership and details of the projects /conference etc. should be included in the blog post.
  • A blog post should not only be a marketing text.