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Students from the MBA in Educational Leadership take part in the world’s longest running online conference

Back in 1996, a fledgling online bookstore called Amazon was giving traditional bookstores cause for concern and the term social media was used to describe a long-forgotten platform called Six Degrees. In those days of modem dialups, the World Wide Web was a very different landscape. This was the background to the inaugural TCC Worldwide Online Conference, organised by the University of Hawaii and designed to connect those involved in higher education through discussions around “innovations and practices that accompany the use of technology in teaching and learning.”

Beware of greenwashing

If you say that a product is sustainable or environmentally friendly, you should have evidence to support your claims. One of the best proofs is a full-scale life cycle assessment (LCA) that helps you give scientific evidence for your words. In some cases, an LCA may help you find the gaps in your data or even prove your words wrong.

Enabling Unique Learning Possibilities

Business Case Consulting Training is a study module offered to TAMK’s Business students. It enables students to participate and to enhance their learning even more in international business case competitions organized by universities and case clubs from all around the world. One team from the training achieved great success in Creative Shock competition and came back with a unique experience.

Kenyan RiMCE students met Finnish Circular Economy players

The group of 25 Kenyan Risk Management and Circular Economy (RiMCE) Master’s students visited Helsinki 16th November. A very early start from Tampere and a long day paid off. In visits to Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund) and to Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) students learnt to know two important promoters of circular economy not only in Finland but globally.

Reconnecting with partners and alumni and starting new collaborations

From November 3rd to 17th Virpi Heinonen and Marta Gil-Carcedo from Tampere University of Applied Sciences were on a business trip to Chile. The purpose of the visit was to reconnect with partners and alumni and start new collaborations from north to south. There were many meetings with current and new partners to design and plan new ambitious training programmes and workshops.