Category: International cooperation

Teacher exchange in Albania was worth it

Mari Laaksonen, Senior Lecturer of Social Services and Health Care and Arja Halkoaho, Principal Lecturer of Social Services and Health Care from Tampere University of Applied Sciences took part in one weeklong teacher exchange in Albania in April. The teacher exchange was conducted by the universities' health sciences departments. The trip was a wonderful experience and emphasised the importance of cooperation.

DIGI-SOC workshop in the University of Bologna in Italy

Digi-SOC project offers a framework to develop transnational cooperation to foster innovative curricula promoting cross-domain entrepreneurial mindsets and competences around digital skills. The project has participant organisations from Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France and Portugal. The Digi-SOC partners and their students participated in a one weeklong workshop at the University of Bologna, in Italy during 17-21.4.2023.

Sharing experiences, connecting, and studying new technologies in Barcelona

At the end of January 2023, I traveled to Barcelona with two other TAMK colleagues, Jere Koivisto and Niko Petro. We had three goals for the trip: visit Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya campus (UPC) and to connect with the staff, visit Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition to connect with manufactures and meet with Finnish AudioVisual Special Interest groups members (AV-SIG) during the trip. I’m pleased to say that all our goals were met, and that the trip was very successful and fruitful.

Modern Methodologies in Teaching week: Respect of teacher profession & honesty as key values from Finland

Carita Prokki and Virpi Heinonen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences received an invitation to Tocantins, Brazil, from TAMK alumna Erna Denzil to be part of the Modern Methodologies in Teaching week organised in the last week of February in the campuses of Instituto Federal of Tocantins (IFTO) in Palmas and Paraiso as well as in Federal University of Tocantins campus Palmas.

Plastic Recycling Transformation Event in Ghana

To demonstrate Ghana’s readiness to tackle the mounting plastic waste and pollution challenge, the Ghanaian Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) joined hands with Business Finland to host a Plastic Recycling Transformation event at Labadi Hotel in Accra -Ghana, as a World Circular Economy Forum Side Event on the 13th of December 2022. The event brought together entrepreneurs and companies involved in the plastic recycling business, both from Ghana and Finland.

What does an international university of applied sciences mean?

According to TAMK's strategy, we want to be the most international university of applied sciences. We are increasing our internationality by, for example, increasing our English-language training offering, focusing on international marketing and changing our recruitment principles. These means of internationalisation aim to ensure that TAMK has more international students and staff. For me, the superlative at the heart of TAMK's strategy means ambition of the goal, but also a variety of methods abroad and in Finland.

Plastic Packaging – Educational Practices and Tips for Companies in Transition Towards Circular Economy

European Green Deal aims to put end to the constantly growing packaging waste while boosting reuse and recycling. Although many steps have already been taken to pave the way for circular economy in the packaging sector, more needs to be done. Competence development and collaboration between educational institutions and companies is one of the key factors needed to solve this task.