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Partnering for life – but who are the ones?

Bonding with partners takes a lot of effort, no matter if we are in an analog or digital world. For organisations such as universities of applied sciences, networking with local, regional, national and global settings has always been a natural task. The local and global competition for talents and resources gets harsher while at the same time expectations for effectiveness and pace for impact creation grows.

Research and innovation infrastructures support knowledge valorisation for SMEs

University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), where TAMK is an organisational member, offers a great platform to share good practices, exchange views and debate on forward-looking topics on university-industry collaboration. One of the themes discussed among the more than 400 participants in the annual UIIN Conference 2023 in Budapest concentrated on knowledge valorisation. Building the bridge between academia and business should be facilitated to achieve more effective and efficient value creation of research results.

The beauty of human interaction in offsite and off-line surroundings - and how it enables learning

In May 2023 HUBS Sustainable Entrepreneurship team took part in Entrepreneurship Experience, a Blended Intensive Program (BIP), created in collaboration with Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart and Amsterdam UAS. Entrepreneurship Coach Kaisa Kokko and ten students with multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds travelled to vernal Germany to learn how sustainable business ideas could be transformed into viable business ventures. In this blog, Kaisa is summarising the key benefits of the learning experience implemented in not-so-traditional surroundings.

Job Club offered emotional support in difficult times

“Nopeasti Töihin” (Quickly to Work)- is a project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture to develop a model of cooperation for supporting new university graduates in the Pirkanmaa region in Tampere. The purpose of the project is to create a guidance cooperation and service model between the higher education communities such as Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and the City of Tampere Employment Services.

EduSTA a global fore runner in teachers’ sustainability competences

Green transition is the agreed objective of European Policies. Also, the need for workforce that has the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable the change is widely acknowledged. We need teachers who can teach the students these skills. This is a crucial element of achieving the goals of green transition. Presently, the models of teacher’s competences on ESD have been quite abstract, which has caused great variation in the interpretations of these competences between countries and even within educational organisations.

TAMK in Senegal – Future of e-learning is in Africa

Tampere University of Applied Sciences participated on a business trip organised by Finnpartnership in Dakar, Senegal, at the end of May. TAMK’s focus during the trip was to share information especially about TAMK’s teacher training services to African market area. The Finnpartnership business partnership programme supports Finnish companies and companies in developing countries in finding new business opportunities and partners. The programme is funded annually with about 4 million Euros from the development cooperation appropriations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Students from the MBA in Educational Leadership take part in the world’s longest running online conference

Back in 1996, a fledgling online bookstore called Amazon was giving traditional bookstores cause for concern and the term social media was used to describe a long-forgotten platform called Six Degrees. In those days of modem dialups, the World Wide Web was a very different landscape. This was the background to the inaugural TCC Worldwide Online Conference, organised by the University of Hawaii and designed to connect those involved in higher education through discussions around “innovations and practices that accompany the use of technology in teaching and learning.”

DIGI-SOC workshop in the University of Bologna in Italy

Digi-SOC project offers a framework to develop transnational cooperation to foster innovative curricula promoting cross-domain entrepreneurial mindsets and competences around digital skills. The project has participant organisations from Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France and Portugal. The Digi-SOC partners and their students participated in a one weeklong workshop at the University of Bologna, in Italy during 17-21.4.2023.