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Reconnecting with partners and alumni and starting new collaborations

From November 3rd to 17th Virpi Heinonen and Marta Gil-Carcedo from Tampere University of Applied Sciences were on a business trip to Chile. The purpose of the visit was to reconnect with partners and alumni and start new collaborations from north to south. There were many meetings with current and new partners to design and plan new ambitious training programmes and workshops.

TAMK’s Eye on Kenya

Return from Kenya becomes harder and harder every time. Not because I do not want to come home but because the need for educational cooperation is so high. I feel like staying there and getting to real work. I have a strong need to help and get my skates on.

Combining Kenyan and Finnish expertise in physiotherapy studies

The beginning of August was a memorable moment for the group of Kenyan students who arrived to Tampere University of Applied Sciences to study in the Degree Programme of Physiotherapy (3,5 years). Long flight from home, mind full of excitement and a new city to adapt into. Despite the burden created by travelling, spirits were high. This is Tampere, our new home!