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BioHub Annual Magazine and TAMK’s Bioproduct Engineering students Excursion to China

Internationality is one of the key strategies of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and it is also deeply embedded in degree education. TAMK’s degree programme in Bioproduct Engineering provides annual course of “Publication and Study Excursion” for its degree students, and in the past over 20 years, students of TAMK have visited industries all over the world, and in March 2024, the course has brought 11 TAMK students to China.

Just triple transition towards zero pollution – digital, social and green

The world is in transition. This transformation concerns us globally in environmental, economic and social terms. We need both tools and determination to drive the transition towards just and responsible solutions across sectors and borders. However, reaching just transition is not easy since it means complex actions, whilst simplifying things often end up with insufficient or even wrong answers.

Presenting Finnish education excellency in India: TAMK in Didac 2023

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) participated in DIDAC 2023 exhibition in India together with Education Finland delegation in mid-October 2023. Didac 2023 is Indian’s only and Asia’s largest exhibition in education and skills. Along with another nine organizations from Finland, TAMK has presented in the exhibition and promoted our educational services to Indian market.

Bridging borders: TAMK's intensive teaching weeks with Qilu University of Technology, China

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is having a joint program in applied chemistry with our long-term partner Qilu University of Technology (QLUT). Since 2021, this program has flourished despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past years, and in the light of new normal, TAMK sent a group of six teachers for intensive teaching in China in August 2023.

Celebrating success: The first group of Top-Up Nursing students graduates from TAMK

On May 26th, an atmosphere of pride and accomplishment filled the air at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) as 31 students from the Nursing Top-Up Degree Programme donned their graduation caps and gowns. This remarkable occasion marked the culmination of their 1.5-year journey, which began in January 2022. The Top-Up Nursing Programme, designed specifically for international students who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from their home country, provided these students with an opportunity to enhance their skills, familiarise themselves with the Finnish healthcare system, and strengthen their proficiency in the Finnish language.

TAMK in Senegal – Future of e-learning is in Africa

Tampere University of Applied Sciences participated on a business trip organised by Finnpartnership in Dakar, Senegal, at the end of May. TAMK’s focus during the trip was to share information especially about TAMK’s teacher training services to African market area. The Finnpartnership business partnership programme supports Finnish companies and companies in developing countries in finding new business opportunities and partners. The programme is funded annually with about 4 million Euros from the development cooperation appropriations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Modern Methodologies in Teaching week: Respect of teacher profession & honesty as key values from Finland

Carita Prokki and Virpi Heinonen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences received an invitation to Tocantins, Brazil, from TAMK alumna Erna Denzil to be part of the Modern Methodologies in Teaching week organised in the last week of February in the campuses of Instituto Federal of Tocantins (IFTO) in Palmas and Paraiso as well as in Federal University of Tocantins campus Palmas.