Team Coaching Academy

TAMK Proakatemia has a long history of entrepreneurial, project-based team learning built on scientific theories, studies and experimentation. Proakatemia’s persistent, visionary work for practicing and developing team learning and team coaching has been recognized with multiple nominations and rewards.

When all doors are closed, you can find an open window somewhere

About a year and a half ago, TAMK started a cooperation project with the South Italian University of Salerno. The multiphase process with negotiations and visits eventually led to beginning of cooperation with the Department of Management & Innovation Systems’ 3CLAB laboratory. The laboratory aims at supporting local and international organisations in different phases of internationalisation by producing education, research and services in the field of cross-cultural competence.

Make yourself at home, far away from home: Reflection

Movement of young people from one country to another for higher education is a common picture of the times. In order to continue education in the host country with ease and comfort international students should build their relationship with the surroundings, have their stake in nature and educate themselves to the host country culture as much as possible. Things may not be so favourable in the beginning, which may also affect learning outcomes. However, time passes and gradually it becomes easier.   

Six months deep

Four weeks ago I came back from Spain and I found my new house covered in white. Tampere had been completely taken by winter and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city and the forest were.

Walking in Tampere

Last year I made a decision that surprised myself. Going to Tampere for an exchange study. There is a voice in my heart that keeps screaming: go outside and take a look. Now I have been in Finland for nearly half month, let me talk about what I have experienced.