Events, thought and goings-on at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Just triple transition towards zero pollution – digital, social and green

The world is in transition. This transformation concerns us globally in environmental, economic and social terms. We need both tools and determination to drive the transition towards just and responsible solutions across sectors and borders. However, reaching just transition is not easy since it means complex actions, whilst simplifying things often end up with insufficient or even wrong answers.

The Future of Subcontracting - How can TAMK contribute?

Industrial landscape is in transition everywhere. During the last decade, globalisation of value chains and networks has challenged the existing economic order. Combined with the unexpected and disruptive occurrences of global pandemics and violent war at Ukraine during the last few years has had a tremendous effect also on Finnish industrial SMEs relying in their business and existence on their subcontractors in Finland and abroad.

Advancing Sustainability Marketing in the Nordic Renewable Energy Sector: A Research- and Practice-Informed Perspective

Sustainability has transitioned from being a niche focus to a cornerstone of contemporary business strategy, especially in industries like renewable energy. In the Nordic countries, sustainability marketing is not merely an operational tactic but a catalyst for innovation and transformation. This blog post draws from both Lunde's (2018) systematic review on sustainability in marketing and from a recently written thesis to illuminate the critical elements for effective sustainability marketing, highlight the practices of a pioneering Nordic energy firm, and discuss impactful methods for communicating sustainability narratives.

The Soaring Growth of Nonwoven Production in China

Nonwovens are a type of engineered fabric made of fibers bonded together rather than woven. They have diverse applications in sectors ranging from healthcare and hygiene to automotive and fashion. This blog post delves into the dramatic rise of nonwoven production in China over the past decade and the factors fueling its success. At the same time, this growth presents challenges for the nonwovens industry in Europe. Hence, we conclude with recommendations for Europe to take proactive measures in response.

Companies invited international students for visits

Practical training is an important part of studies. During the internship, the student gets to learn in practice and develop their own professional skills. TAMK's Talent Boost program and the Tampere Chamber of Commerce have created solutions to support international students for finding companies to implement their internship.

Creating partnership by small scale cooperation

TAMK and Moi University from Kenya established new partnership last year. To get to know each other and find common interests, the teachers from TAMK and Moi organized small scale cooperation and brought together students from Business and Social Services. The key objective was to learn about the wellbeing of young adults in Kenya and Finland. According to the feedback from students the event was a success. Ongoing collaboration opened up also mobility funding for future.

Presenting Finnish education excellency in India: TAMK in Didac 2023

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) participated in DIDAC 2023 exhibition in India together with Education Finland delegation in mid-October 2023. Didac 2023 is Indian’s only and Asia’s largest exhibition in education and skills. Along with another nine organizations from Finland, TAMK has presented in the exhibition and promoted our educational services to Indian market.

ITMA Exhibition - showcasing the latest textile innovations and technologies

Three Textile and Material team staff members participated in the international textile and garment technology exhibition, ITMA, in Milan, Italy on 8.-11.6.2023. Marja Rissanen, Senior Lecturer, was interested in sustainable textile materials and manufacturing methods. Minna Varheenmaa, Project Engineer, was more focused on smart textiles and innovations, and Maria Änkö, Laboratory Engineer, was interested in testing devices.