Events, thought and goings-on at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

TAMK’s Eye on Kenya

Return from Kenya becomes harder and harder every time. Not because I do not want to come home but because the need for educational cooperation is so high. I feel like staying there and getting to real work. I have a strong need to help and get my skates on.

Being light and green amidst the pandemic

A long-awaited visit of BeLight-project to TAMK’s long-time partner, München University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), finally came reality in June 2022. The project started 1.1.2020 and it has been running during the Covid-19 pandemic. For an international project, it has been a journey that has taught several valuable lessons and proved once again, how important long-standing collaboration with partners can be.

Combining Kenyan and Finnish expertise in physiotherapy studies

The beginning of August was a memorable moment for the group of Kenyan students who arrived to Tampere University of Applied Sciences to study in the Degree Programme of Physiotherapy (3,5 years). Long flight from home, mind full of excitement and a new city to adapt into. Despite the burden created by travelling, spirits were high. This is Tampere, our new home!

Safety training developed TAMK’s leadership expertise

TAMK has organised simulation exercises in safety management every few years, where various hazardous incidents have been demonstrated to the participants. The most recent exercise was held in June at the main campus, in Catering Studio facilities. The aim was to test the management team's capabilities and resilience in the management of exceptional situations. The timing of the exercise was known in advance by the participants, but only the members of the preparatory group were aware about the content of the safety training.