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Practical observations from TAMK’s Finnish Language Club: communality, doing together and inclusion in language and culture learning

Individuals’ and groups’ social wellbeing is important in promoting learning. This has also been noticed in the Finnish language club of TAMK’s Study and Stay programme. When people feel good and interact openly, they have courage to learn to know other people and it is easier to learn. The threshold to speak in a foreign language becomes lower when the atmosphere is warm and safe. Participation in the language club is voluntary low-threshold activity.

Majority of TAMK’s international students want to stay in Finland after graduation

The number of international students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences has grown in recent years and the aim is to increase that number further. As part of the Talent Boost programme, we carry out a follow-up research to the students: What kind of future plans our current international students have, and how can we help them to integrate and find employment in Finland better?