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Safety training developed TAMK’s leadership expertise

TAMK has organised simulation exercises in safety management every few years, where various hazardous incidents have been demonstrated to the participants. The most recent exercise was held in June at the main campus, in Catering Studio facilities. The aim was to test the management team's capabilities and resilience in the management of exceptional situations. The timing of the exercise was known in advance by the participants, but only the members of the preparatory group were aware about the content of the safety training.

New era increased popularity of virtual events

Sales Day 2020 made a record among Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ events – almost 1,000 people online. Tampere University of Applied Sciences organised the 8th Sales Day event in autumn 2020. For the first time, the event took place online as a virtual event.

When all doors are closed, you can find an open window somewhere

About a year and a half ago, TAMK started a cooperation project with the South Italian University of Salerno. The multiphase process with negotiations and visits eventually led to beginning of cooperation with the Department of Management & Innovation Systems’ 3CLAB laboratory. The laboratory aims at supporting local and international organisations in different phases of internationalisation by producing education, research and services in the field of cross-cultural competence.

Make yourself at home, far away from home: Reflection

Movement of young people from one country to another for higher education is a common picture of the times. In order to continue education in the host country with ease and comfort international students should build their relationship with the surroundings, have their stake in nature and educate themselves to the host country culture as much as possible. Things may not be so favourable in the beginning, which may also affect learning outcomes. However, time passes and gradually it becomes easier.