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Teacher exchange in Albania was worth it

Mari Laaksonen, Senior Lecturer of Social Services and Health Care and Arja Halkoaho, Principal Lecturer of Social Services and Health Care from Tampere University of Applied Sciences took part in one weeklong teacher exchange in Albania in April. The teacher exchange was conducted by the universities' health sciences departments. The trip was a wonderful experience and emphasised the importance of cooperation.

DIGI-SOC workshop in the University of Bologna in Italy

Digi-SOC project offers a framework to develop transnational cooperation to foster innovative curricula promoting cross-domain entrepreneurial mindsets and competences around digital skills. The project has participant organisations from Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France and Portugal. The Digi-SOC partners and their students participated in a one weeklong workshop at the University of Bologna, in Italy during 17-21.4.2023.

Plastic Packaging – Educational Practices and Tips for Companies in Transition Towards Circular Economy

European Green Deal aims to put end to the constantly growing packaging waste while boosting reuse and recycling. Although many steps have already been taken to pave the way for circular economy in the packaging sector, more needs to be done. Competence development and collaboration between educational institutions and companies is one of the key factors needed to solve this task.

International networking matters

Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary International Week focused on the digital education but at the same time provided excellent opportunities for overall networking. Eye on TAMK event is a great possibility to meet colleagues and share ideas and experiences. The topic of Genomics Informed Nursing Care during 2022 event raised interest and started collaboration with University of Manresa in Spain.

Digital networking boosts immigrants’ integration into the Finnish working life

Together with my colleague, Minna Niemi, we’ve been working since January 2022 in the ESR-funded DigiMESH project which is being carried out by the Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and International Working Women of Finland. The project seeks to increase the possibilities for immigrants to find work that matches their education by developing digital networking.

What do the wine industry, the Asian Institute of Design and TAMK have in common?

In short, at least an active network, OBREAL Global, which is dedicated to promoting cross-regional South-South-North (SSN) collaboration between different partners – including the higher education institutions and vitiviniculture and oenology (Vita Global project). And potentially, a lot more too through different kinds of initiatives to support dialogue and synergies between governmental, academic and social sectors to build bridges towards reciprocal cooperation, mutual knowledge transfer, and tackling of common global challenges.