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The Future of Subcontracting - How can TAMK contribute?

Industrial landscape is in transition everywhere. During the last decade, globalisation of value chains and networks has challenged the existing economic order. Combined with the unexpected and disruptive occurrences of global pandemics and violent war at Ukraine during the last few years has had a tremendous effect also on Finnish industrial SMEs relying in their business and existence on their subcontractors in Finland and abroad.

Companies invited international students for visits

Practical training is an important part of studies. During the internship, the student gets to learn in practice and develop their own professional skills. TAMK's Talent Boost program and the Tampere Chamber of Commerce have created solutions to support international students for finding companies to implement their internship.

Presenting Finnish education excellency in India: TAMK in Didac 2023

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) participated in DIDAC 2023 exhibition in India together with Education Finland delegation in mid-October 2023. Didac 2023 is Indian’s only and Asia’s largest exhibition in education and skills. Along with another nine organizations from Finland, TAMK has presented in the exhibition and promoted our educational services to Indian market.

ITMA Exhibition - showcasing the latest textile innovations and technologies

Three Textile and Material team staff members participated in the international textile and garment technology exhibition, ITMA, in Milan, Italy on 8.-11.6.2023. Marja Rissanen, Senior Lecturer, was interested in sustainable textile materials and manufacturing methods. Minna Varheenmaa, Project Engineer, was more focused on smart textiles and innovations, and Maria Änkö, Laboratory Engineer, was interested in testing devices.

Textile research and study opportunities in Germany

Marja Rissanen, Senior Lecturer of Textile and Material Engineering from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, took part in a weeklong staff exchange in Germany in May. The visiting institutes were Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, and German Textile and Fiber Research Institute Denkendorf. Before the visit, TAMK upgraded the Erasmus exchange agreements with Niederrhein and Albstadt-Sigmaringen also covering textile and material engineering students.

Partnering for life – but who are the ones?

Bonding with partners takes a lot of effort, no matter if we are in an analog or digital world. For organisations such as universities of applied sciences, networking with local, regional, national and global settings has always been a natural task. The local and global competition for talents and resources gets harsher while at the same time expectations for effectiveness and pace for impact creation grows.

Research and innovation infrastructures support knowledge valorisation for SMEs

University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), where TAMK is an organisational member, offers a great platform to share good practices, exchange views and debate on forward-looking topics on university-industry collaboration. One of the themes discussed among the more than 400 participants in the annual UIIN Conference 2023 in Budapest concentrated on knowledge valorisation. Building the bridge between academia and business should be facilitated to achieve more effective and efficient value creation of research results.