TAMK welcomes 25 international students to the first tailored Master’s Degree Programme

Students sitting in a class room.
Orientation day for the new students.

TAMK launched its first commissioned Master’s Degree Programme in Risk Management and Circular Economy (RiMCE) in February 2022. The teaching follows a modern hybrid method; the education takes place both on TAMK’s main campus and online. The brand new programme will welcome 25 international students from Kenya to TAMK.

Modern education is flexible

RiMCE is a mid-career Master’s Degree and requires 2 years of work experience after a Bachelor’s Degree. The studies give the students the competence to apply the ideas of circular economy and risk management into their work.

The implementation of the studies is flexible: the first semester in 2022 consists of intensive weeks at TAMK campus in Tampere Finland. The remaining three semesters are flexibly offered with options of studying at the campus or remotely. Students have a chance to learn interesting topics such as megatrends in circular economy, risk management in international operations and leadership for a sustainable future.

The students come from diverse professional backgrounds including economics, management, medicine and technology. They are looking forward to further developing their skills for creating a sustainable future.

Orientation week with diverse activities

22 out of 25 students arrived on Saturday 18th June and began their orientation week on Monday 20th June. The orientation week includes various activities including the practicalities of studies and life in Finland, introduction to the degree programme and visits to International House Tampere and other instances which offer help for the students to settle down in Tampere. The students will start their studies already in July by doing self-study tasks of professional courses and engaging in an intensive course on Finnish Language, Society and Culture.

TAMK is well known of its education

TAMK has been a popular study destination for students from Kenya, Africa. Around 100 Kenyan students are studying in tailored degree programmes at TAMK. The RiMCE group is not only the first tailored Master’s Programme at TAMK but also the first tailored programme for Africa in other field than healthcare.


Text: Yuxing Ikonen

Picture: Yue Wang