Cooperation benefits both companies and international professionals in Tampere

People looking at the screen at the Growth Through Internationalisation event at G Livelab.
Picture 1: The importance of cooperation and international experts was recognised at the networking event organised for companies.

The importance of cooperation in integration and employment of international professionals was discussed at the Growth Through Internationalisation event at G Livelab on Friday 28 October. The event was quite rewarding, new ideas and cooperation methods were created and existing cooperation was strengthened. Mayor Anna-Kaisa Ikonen’s video greeting opened the event.

In addition to a breakfast and networking possibilities, the event offered short information sessions on diverse business services. The speakers came from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University, Tampere Chamber of Commerce, International House Tampere, TE Employment Services, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and Business Finland. The speakers agreed on the importance of cooperation and international professionals.

You should not underestimate yourself

One of the participants was TAMK’s and Tampere University’s alumna Naheed Amiri-Moghal, who shared her career story. Naheed Amiri-Moghal studied Environmental Engineering at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and is studying for Master of Science in Engineering at Tampere University. She is currently working at Rejlers Finland.

Naheed Amiri-Moghal.
Picture 2: Naheed Amiri-Moghal.

Amiri-Moghal hails from Afghanistan but moved to Finland years ago. After moving, she immediately started to study Finnish and was admitted to laboratory technology studies at a vocational institution. She did not find a job in the field but continued her studies.

Amiri-Moghal said: ”Who would have thought that a woman from a country where women are not allowed to attend schools was able to graduate from engineering and work in a multinational company. I learnt from the process that hard work pays off and it is not worth underestimating yourself. Immigrants can also find work but they have to be very patient and not give up. Remember that companies may benefit immensely from our skills and experiences because we are who we are.”

Naheed’s whole speech can be read in Finnish in TAMK Blogi:

Future workforce

Companies and other organisations need skilled workforce but also special expertise which is not available in Finland. Immigration of professionals strengthens and internationalises innovation activities in Finland and supports international investments in Finland, which promotes creation of new jobs. International professionals strengthen expertise and internationalisation of Finnish companies.

International professionals’ integration and employment are promoted in Tampere through cooperation. The event was also organised in cooperation with the Talent Boost of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and International House Tampere. The event received positive feedback and continuation was hoped for. It is good to continue from here and develop cooperation in Tampere.


Text: Aura Paananen

Picture 1: Eija Syrjämäki

Picture 2: Naheed Amiri-Moghal

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