Talent Factory invented by TAMK aroused great interest in Budapest

Piia Kanto and Ulla Häggblom standing on a stage.
Piia Kanto and Ulla Häggblom received many questions after the great presentation.

Talent Factory from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is a success story for companies, students, and university by implementing a new learning environment based on team learning and coaching pedagogy. Ulla Häggblom and Piia Kanto proudly presented the Talent Factory concept at UIIN Conference in Budapest 9.-11.5.2023.

Talent Factory Connecting Working Life and Education” was presented in the case studies session called “Involving industry in co-designing and co-delivering education for the skills of tomorrow”. There were also two other presentations in the same session. The first one introduced a platform for knowledge exchange, making connections, and developing relationships to build new opportunities between students, academics, researchers, and industry-based professionals. The second presentation was about a project-based course focusing on product development processes where students work closely with companies. Our presentation was about team learning supported by companies. We received several questions such as on what basis the student teams are built up, and how to attract companies to Talent Factory. The style of our presentation was carried out as a dialogue between us two. We received many compliments on the active presentation style which kept the listeners interested during the whole presentation.

Piia Kanto and Ulla Häggblom sitting around a table with laptop on the desk.
Preparing the final modifications of the presentation in the hotel lobby.

Conference offered a great opportunity for networking

UIIN (University Industry Innovation Network) is a network for actors who are interested in developing cooperation between research, education, and industrial companies. UIIN organises an annual conference where different actors present good practices and research results and network with each other. The conference in Budapest offered interesting presentations, posters, and workshops as well as excellent networking opportunities and we actively took advantage of this. We met several people from both higher education and business world, and we advertised TAMK and it’s super potential for cooperation with companieshese meetings will certainly result to interesting new opportunities in the future.

Ulla Häggblom holding a microphone next to Piia Kanto.
The presentation received many compliments on the active presentation style which kept the listeners interested.

What is Talent Factory?

Talent Factory is invented by the Bioproduct Engineering Degree Programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It’s a new type of learning environment, where students study in work-oriented teams. The learning is supported by coaches and companies. The same concept was later introduced in laboratory engineering, encouraged by the good experiences. The students at Talent Factory get to know companies operating in the industry which helps them to understand the connection between the theory and practice for working life needs. Talent Factory also enables the students to create a professional network which helps them to get employed to the companies. In turn, the companies get up to date information about TAMK and its’ specialists, facilities, and services, and fresh ideas from students as well.

Text: Piia Kanto, Senior Lecturer at the school of Built Environment and Bioeconomy, TAMK and Ulla Häggblom Principal Lecturer at the school of Built Environment and Bioeconomy, TAMK

Pictures: Piia Kanto

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