New CS family members 2020

We are happy to welcome a lot of new family members to our unit! Altogether 84 persons started and 13 had time to leave during this year, and now we are 454 in total.

Professors Dumitrescu Bogdan and Kiranyaz Serkan are visiting us (must note they are both remote and present as we all in these days) in the field of image processing and machine learning.

Professor Moncef Gabbouj, the PhD student Mohammad Al-Sad, visitor Prof Serkan Kiranyaz and Dr Iftikhar Ahmad from TietoEvry
Visitor Prof. Bogdan Dumitrescu

We got three new staff professors: Ari Kulmala started as Professor of Practice in the field of computer engineering and shares half of the time with Nokia. The teams of mathematics in inverse problems as well as logic and algebra got Pasi Raumonen and Joonas Ilmavirta as new tenure track professors, and Johanna Rämö and Heikki Orelma started as university lecturers in mathematics. Poika Isokoski switched to the new position of Staff Scientist under ITC faculty and he specializes especially in our human technology interaction infrastructures. Other new positions are nine postdocs, 20 researchers and doctoral students, and over 40 research and teaching assistants. As part of our responsibility we also want to offer the first workplace to many students and look forward they got ignited in science and want to change the world in their contribution! For the future we can disclose plans to open several new positions for example in the field of software to serve our significantly increased number of students in information technology. 

University Lecturer Johanna Rämö; Tenure Track Professor Pasi Raumonen; Professor of Practice Ari Kulmala; Tenure Track Professor Joonas Ilmavirta (photo: Aino Seppälä), Staff Scientist Poika Isokoski

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