Kenyan RiMCE students met Finnish Circular Economy players

A group picture of students taken in a classroom.
A group photo from Syke Auditorium.

The group of 25 Kenyan Risk Management and Circular Economy (RiMCE) Master’s students visited Helsinki 16th November. A very early start from Tampere and a long day paid off. In visits to Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund) and to Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) students learnt to know two important promoters of circular economy not only in Finland but globally.

In Sitra, students listened carefully about how Sitra was established, the vision of Sitra and the projects which have accelerated transition from linear to circular economy in Finland. An interesting topic was that World Circular Economy Forum took place in Africa this year. The innovative part of the Sitra visit was a circular economy business challenge where six student groups had their own challenge and 15 minutes time to create a solution and two minutes elevator pitch to present it. According to instructions “The pitch should tell the “client’s” problem, solution to it and a justification of how the solution embodies the circular economy.” Hosts in Sitra were Mika Sulkinoja, Leading specialist, Reetta Kohonen, Specialist and Sami Syrjälä, Project coordinator.

In the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) Petrus Kautto, Director of the programme for Sustainable Circular Economy gave a presentation about Circular Economy research and development activities of Syke. Sari Piippo, Senior research scientist, told about CIRCWASTE- project. Before leaving to Tampere, coffee, tea and buns were enjoyed together with informal discussion.

“The academic visit to Helsinki exceptionally provided the class with an opportunity for a shift of focus and nexus from theory to practice and from classroom to industry.

With Sitra, whose core function lies in accelerating Circular Economy in Finland and even globally, and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) which acts as a network of networks in disseminating Circular Economy (CE) best practices, Finland is indeed a trailblazer in CE and sustainability mantra.

It then goes without saying that our studies of CE in TAMK is a true reflection with the contemporary discussions in and around the country and globally concerning the turbulent politics of CE business”.  Richard Kayab, student of 22RIMKEN group.


Text: Silja Kostia

Head of Degree Programme on Risk Management and Circular Economy

Picture:  Brian Kiboi