Celebrating success: The first group of Top-Up Nursing students graduates from TAMK

Group picture of graduating students.
The first group Top-up nursing students graduated in May 2023.

On May 26th, an atmosphere of pride and accomplishment filled the air at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) as 31 students from the Nursing Top-Up Degree Programme donned their graduation caps and gowns. This remarkable occasion marked the culmination of their 1.5-year journey, which began in January 2022. The Top-Up Nursing Programme, designed specifically for international students who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from their home country, provided these students with an opportunity to enhance their skills, familiarise themselves with the Finnish healthcare system, and strengthen their proficiency in the Finnish language.

Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony held on May 26th 2023, was a truly memorable and joyous occasion. Attended by the students’ families and friends, it was a testament to the hard work and dedication that the graduates had invested in their studies. TAMK representatives, including former Director of Internationalisation and Business Operations, Carita Prokki, the Head of Competence Area, Päivi Hautaviita, Senior Lecturer Sanna Laiho, and the group’s tutor teacher, Lecturer Tuuli Laine, graced the ceremony and delivered inspiring speeches to commemorate this milestone.

Additionally, TAMK’s partner company in the tailor-made degree program, Edunation, played an integral role in the ceremony. Edunation honored the students with the best academic performance and those who actively engaged in social activities with scholarships and awards, recognising their exceptional achievements and contributions. Furthermore, special recognition was given to the students who produced outstanding bachelor’s theses, as TAMK presented them with awards and gifts in acknowledgement of their remarkable research and academic work.

The oath and future prospects

After receiving their Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing from TAMK, the graduates took an oath to fulfill their duties as registered nurses. This solemn moment symbolised their commitment to providing compassionate and competent care to patients, and it marked the beginning of their professional journey in Finland. With the comprehensive education they received during their time at TAMK, these newly minted registered nurses are well-prepared to make a meaningful impact on the Finnish healthcare system.

As they step into the workforce, the graduates aspire to contribute their expertise and experience to the Tampere region, further strengthening the healthcare sector. TAMK, with its rich history and reputation for excellence, earnestly wishes them success and a fulfilling future in their nursing careers.

The graduation of the first group of top-up nursing students from TAMK’s tailor-made degree programme is an accomplishment worth celebrating. These students, originating from the Philippines, embarked on a transformative journey that not only enhanced their nursing skills but also allowed them to immerse themselves in the Finnish healthcare system and culture. Their dedication and perseverance have led them to this defining moment, where they are now equipped to provide high-quality care to patients in Finland.

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For more information about TAMK’s education services and this Top-Up Nursing programme, please contact Yue Wang, Senior Advisor at Global Education, yue.wang@tuni.fi.


Text: Yue Wang, Senior Advisor at Global Education at TAMK

Picture: Krista Merikoski, International Coordinator of Business Operations at TAMK

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