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TAMK Proakatemia has a long history of entrepreneurial, project-based team learning built on scientific theories, studies and experimentation. Proakatemia’s persistent, visionary work for practicing and developing team learning and team coaching has been recognized with multiple nominations and rewards.

TAMK Proakatemia

Proakatemia’s new Team Coaching Academy offers programmes designed for educators who want to learn about team learning and team coaching. The programme Team Coaching Mindset and Practices provides a modern scientific knowledge about team learning, team leadership and team coaching together with an opportunity to put theories to practice with hands-on exercises.

In 2008, Proakatemia in TAMK began coaching teachers and educators. It all started from the need of transforming teaching towards more coaching oriented approach. The initial programme was implemented to schools and universities both in Finland and abroad. Until recently, the programme was designed to facilitate participants from the same organization. Starting from October 2020 the re-designed programme will offer the opportunity to network and collaborate with professionals from multiple organizations and backgrounds from around the world.

The programme consists of four different courses, offering a great variety of theoretical background and practical tools. The first and third courses are completed online from the comfort of your own home or office, while you will visit Tampere, Finland for the second and fourth courses. During the contact learning days you will experience Proakatemia’s vibrant team learning community, but also get to enjoy the Finnish nature in the outskirts of Tampere. A peaceful farmstead accommodation will provide a productive environment for learning, practicing and reflecting in a team.

Upon successful completion of all four courses, the participants receive a certificate for team coaching from Proakatemia. Proakatemia has a 20-year history of unique practices, where coaching is the focus instead of teaching. Theories and project work coexist in perfect harmony to inspire thought and provoke creativity. This programme has deep roots in this environment of active learning.

Hanna Saraketo Hanna Saraketo, M.A. & Certified Senior Team Coach(c), has 20 years’ experience of student centered and working life-oriented learning both in university of applied sciences and in vocational education. Formerly business college principal is now a pedagogical expert who coaches young UAS students in entrepreneurship and team leadership skills. She also works with global education projects consulting processes of pedagogical change i.e. in Portugal, Chile and Brazil. As a lecturer, she has contributed in universities’ pre-teacher and principal trainings in China.

Veijo Hämäläinen, M.Sc., Certified SeniorVeijo Hämäläinen Team Coach(c), Certified Business Coach(ICF), has worked in the education sector since 1996. He has been a team coach and business coach for 15 years, and an acclaimed leader of TAMK Proakatemia for 13 years. As a leader he is a systems thinker who has a special talent for creating successful organization cultures fitting the needs of the current, complex world.  Veijo is a valued expert in team learning and driving people to find creative solutions in difficult situations. Veijo’s life-long mission is to save people from bad jobs.

Team Coaching Mindset and Practices programme is created for participants with a multidisciplinary background. It is ideal for both educators and team leaders. Educators can learn innovative team coaching methods to increase students’ engagement in the classroom. Team leaders can learn exciting methods to improve communications and collaboration within their team. It is a great playground for personal and professional growth.

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