Better together with strategic partners

To serve a youngster in today’s educational world, a university must acknowledge the aim for life after studies. As the world gets smaller, it is most likely set with international aspect, even if never crossing a country border.

As a working environment, university is in constant competition for highly qualified professionals to share and act upon their expertise, create more knowledge through research as well as stay in tune with their field. Furthermore, to make believable impact on society, a university as a work place should reflect the ways of modern working life.

Adding internationality to a place of higher education is no longer optional. Today, it is a narrative of such establishment.

Think globally – act globally

Poetically, the region where university is acting has gone global, following the lead of students, employees and stakeholders. With a purpose to generate global dimension, TAMK has stated in its strategy to implement internationality in all activities – from studies to teaching and research to services.

The co-operation TAMK does internationally is painted wide. With over 350 partners, there are endless possibilities. Even to the extent it can get exhausting. To re-enforce sustainability in internationalizing, strategic partnerships can be a powerful tool.

TAMK has two strategic partner universities in Europe – Munich University of Applied Sciences and Hanzehogeschool Groningen. For a third, TAMK has opted for a network of 7 European universities, coordinated by The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Ms. Leila Kakko heading to the Main Building of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

From co-operation to collaboration

The aim for strategic partnership is to bring the co-operation to collaboration. To nourish on-going international projects and grow them to be integral part of education we give. Partnering up in strategic way, makes it possible to prevent activities to become stagnant and excite innovation. Leastways, strategic partnerships act as a well-rounded and well-tested platform of jump-start by connecting people with unique strengths.

Common objective or wider perspective?

Concentrating only to find common objectives to work on can prove to be narrow-minded. Though, identifying a shared goal is eminently effective but, opening up to cross-cultural and interdisciplinary differences might give us some well-needed food for thought and bring new insights to old problems. Strategic approach to a partnership is a way of opening up to opportunities otherwise unreachable.

Lovely view of the Riverbank in The Hague.

Valuable partners creating a network 

As a part of network, we have a chance to be a part of something bigger. We get to participate initiatives we would not have access without. But, it goes beyond. Through a network we’re allowed to stay in the know of European wide development twist and turns and, not only from our network partners but from partners of them. Through strategic approach, we’re connected to world in a deeper level.

Noora Kahra with the network people

To where this all might lead us in the future – it is yet to be seen.

Text & photos: Noora Kahra, Project Manager, Strategic Partnerships


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